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DBW iNEXT Steam,Dry Iron/Teflon Soleplate/Self Cleaning Function/Dry / Steam Iron with One Year Manufacturing Warranty


  • Plates : Teflon
  • Corded : Yes
  • Type : Steam Iron
  • Brand : Inext
  • Color : Auto Select

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In The Box
Sales Package
Brand Model IN-701/801
Type Steam Iron
Color White
Temprature Control Yes
Other Feature
Indicator Light Yes
Swivel Cord Yes
Power Consumtion 1200W


Steam irons are essential parts of our everyday lives. This holds a very good reason. Most of the irons that we use do not use steam as an integral component. However, steam is very necessary while ironing clothes and it holds a number of reasons for it. Steam makes it easier to iron out the wrinkles on the clothes in a very smooth manner. Moreover, steam gives a certain amount of weight to the cloth being ironed thus making it all the more suitable for the purpose. Most of the irons available in the market do not possess this quality and the ones that do are pretty heavy and large. In order to bring about an optimum solution between these two ends, Inext has brought to you the Inext IN 701/801 Steam Iron Box that has the best qualities and with DBW Online Store, the device comes at the very best of prices!


Superior Quality Material

The material used to make this excellent iron is of a very high quality. Knowing that a good product should have the best of everything, each part of the durable iron is made up of a different material. For the ironing side, it has a non-stick Teflon plate and this works in an exceedingly good manner. The Teflon plate helps you to iron a variety of types of clothes and does not produce friction with any cloth at all.

Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse is one of the most important things any electric appliance should possess in regards to safety. Sometimes it is very likely that you may not understand how much you have heated the iron and therefore, there are chances that sometimes you may overheat the appliance. To tackle this problem, the Inext IN 701/801 Steam Iron Box has been provided with a thermal fuse that breaks down the current at a certain point and thus keeps the iron’s heat in limits.

User-Friendly Iron

This Inext IN 701/801 Steam Iron Box is user-friendly by all means. The foremost reason why it is so is the fact that the handle of the efficient iron has been designed in a great manner and can be handled by anyone very easily without any problems at all.

Smart Design

The design of this steam iron is one of the highlight features about it. The design makes it lightweight and easy to use and, therefore, you can rest assured that the Inext IN 701/801 Steam Iron Box will be your companion for a lifetime.


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